Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit” on CNBC continues to expand his investments with a special focus on the fashion industry. With a collection of expanding fashion brands and retailers, he has the ability to power companies via e-commerce, marketing, and technological capabilities to help nurture their fullest potential and make a profit. 

Dear Customers,

Thank you for supporting our growing list of fashion brands and retailers here at Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group. For many of these businesses, it’s been an incredible journey of growth and development both on-camera on CNBC’s The Profit, or off-camera and behind-the-scenes. Some have completely rebranded, some underwent major internal changes to their infrastructure or business model, and some have evolved far beyond our expectations to set the bar even higher. With that, we continue to have one goal in mind: bringing a great product, through the best of processes, to our dedicated customers. Thanks to their success, the people within each of these organizations have come together as one family to form a group of collaborative entrepreneurial talents that help support one another in addition to new incoming prospects. We look forward to continuing to build a strong team of leaders, while elevating our level of operations, and ultimately taking each product we produce to profitability. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.


Marcus Lemonis & Stephanie Menkin




As an impressionable youth, Marcus Lemonis read the description of Entrepreneur to his mother from the dictionary while working on a school project, which inspired him to challenge himself and make his dreams come true. His humble beginnings and journey through life represent the heart and soul of what true entrepreneurism is. Although he was not born in America, he is proud to be living the American Dream through hard work, determination and believing; striving to take risks and show initiative while motivating people to do their best not by telling them what to do, but rather by showing them how to do it. Those who have had the chance to hear his story through his moving speaking engagements would say that he is humble, down to earth and 100 percent brutally honest.


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Chicago, IL / Union73

Dallas, TX / Denim & Soul

Greenville, SC / Denim & Soul

Greenwich, CT / Runway

Highland Park, IL / Final Sale

Jacksonville, FL / Denim & Soul

Minneapolis, MN / Union73

Newton, MA / MARCUS

New York, NY / New Store

San Francisco, CA / Denim & Soul

Syosset, NY / Denim & Soul

Wellesley, MA / MARCUS

Palm Beach, FL / MARCUS

Glencoe, IL / Runway

Arlington Heights, IL / MARCUS

Deer Park, IL / MARCUS


  • providing excellent customer service and assisting customers with their purchases
  • Generates sales by engaging with customers with superior service and personalized attention
  • Maintains excellent product knowledge on all brands featured within the store
  • Achieves daily sales goal
  • Maintains merchandise presentation, cleanliness and organization
  • Completes all store tasks in an efficient and timely manner
  • Operates the cash register and all cash and credit cards transactions
  • Adheres to Company loss prevention procedures and guidelines


  • Excellent customer service and selling skills
  • Results driven and strong work ethic with a high sense of responsibility in an ever-changing environment
  • Works well as a member of a retail store team
  • Demonstrates initiative and strong follow up skills
  • Multitasking and ability to prioritize frequently changing task list
  • Professionalism and the ability to maintain confidentiality of business information
  • Must be available to work weekends



  • Responsible for monitoring and overseeing inventory levels and store sales performance for all MLFG retail store locations
  • Partners with buying team on planning, budget forecasting and open to buys
  • Aligns with the buying teams to meet monthly and annual sales growth projections
  • Inputs and monitors core product inventory levels in the reporting system to ensure core product is always in stock
  • Closely monitors store inventory levels and researches and resolves any shrink related issues
  • Analyzes and adjusts stock balances for all retail store locations
  • Identifies and analyzes key selling trends and partners with buying team to react and maximize sell-thru projections
  • Collaborates with buying teams and management in the development and execution of merchandising and promotional strategies for all classifications
  • Develops and drives the business with members of the buying team by identifying opportunities through reorders, transfers, markdowns and overall inventory management
  • Works with the buying team to ensure that appropriate inventory is in place to support new store openings and remodels
  • Develops and implements improvements to overall inventory reporting and analysis
  • Ensures that all reporting and analysis is timely, accurate and is communicated to the appropriate team members


  • BA or BS degree
  • 3 - 5 years previous financial planning/analysis, retail buying experience or related field
  • Strong analytical and retail math skills and ability to maintain a good balance of both creative and analytical thinking
  • Excellent verbal and written presentation skills
  • Results driven and strong work ethic with a high sense of responsibility in an ever-changing environment
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently handling complex business tasks
  • Professionalism and the ability to maintain confidentiality of business information
  • Proficient in Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word


  • Health Insurance Plans
  • PTO (paid time off)
  • Career growth and valuable work experience with an expanding and innovative fashion brand


New York Corporate Office




  • A strong passion for fashion, enjoys overseeing and impacting important business decisions and finds great satisfaction in providing outstanding customer service
  • Demonstrates ability to sell and increase sales through leading a team.
  • Demonstrates visual presentation skills with attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in recruiting, hiring and training an entire team.
  • Demonstrates time management and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrates the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks and works with a sense of urgency.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with guests, staff and management even under pressure.
  • Demonstrates the ability to accurately assess teams and situations and creates measureable development plans.
  • Demonstrates the ability to coach, provide feedback and manage substandard performance.
  • Ability to listen to feedback and take action toward improvement.
  • Must be creative with an ability to embrace change and lead through personal performance.
  • Demonstrates excellent guest concierge level service skills.
  • Ability to interpret all policies and procedures to resolve guest and employee issues.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, delegation, follow-up, and leadership skills.
  • Demonstrates conflict management and resolution skills.
  • Two years of retail management experience required.
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent experience preferred.
  • Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs.
  • Ability to maneuver around sales floor and stock room.
  • Ability to perform basic duties that require prolonged standing, twisting, stooping, squatting, climbing and repetitive bending.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business including evenings, weekends, special promotional events and holidays.


  • Health Insurance Plans
  • PTO
  • Employee Discount
  • Career growth and valuable work experience with a new and expanding innovative fashion brand









  • Delivers and achieves sales to plan and payroll to budget
  • Consistently performs at an A+ level of sales to show leadership through performance.
  • Upholds a very high standard of guest concierge level service and always places the guest as the top priority.
  • Maintains an optimistic, glass half full, can-do attitude and strives for personal and store success.
  • Develops a hiring plan to meet specific needs of business, especially during high volume seasons.
  • Responsible for the recruitment and hiring of store staff.
  • Completes all store schedules according to set deadlines.
  • Daily evaluating store sales and payroll goals and adjusts to business needs and budget constraints.
  • Assembles and develops a high performing sales team that works with a sense of urgency.
  • Invests time in employee development through continual and accurate skill assessments, performance planning, and individual succession planning to nurture growth for team, as well as self.
  • Provides in the moment coaching on sales floor to staff in order to motivate and recognize good performance and to redirect as needed.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the management staff by providing the appropriate level of performance feedback.
  • Provides on the job training to all employees on Denim & Soul and MLFG initiatives and standards to ensure that everyone fully understands company direction and vision.
  • Develops management team and self by delegating appropriate tasks and responsibilities.
  • Creates and oversees implementation of action plans to improve key activities to maximize sales and business opportunities.
  • Responsible for employee dispute resolution and escalated guest situations.
  • Collaborates with the Senior Level Management to determine all final hiring and termination decisions with the approval of the Senior Level Manager or Human Resources.
  • Conducts weekly visual and merchandising walk-throughs with the management team and key staff members.
  • Monitors, maintains Denim and Soul and MLFG policies and procedures.
  • Is committed to MLFG and the Denim & Soul and store team.
  • Reports directly to the President of MLFG and keeps him/her informed of all activities and changes in the store.
  • Facilitates and cascades communication across the store and acts as a liaison between the Senior Level Management, Corporate Offices and the store.
  • Ensures accurate account of all cash handling and banking procedures according to standard rules and best practices.
  • Opens and closes store in accordance with company standard.
  • Maintaining standard Denim & Soul and MLFG operations including but not limited to stocking, ordering, scheduling to performance and daily/weekly paperwork.
  • Maintains the store to the highest standards of operations, maintenance and cleanliness.