Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit” on CNBC continues to expand his investments with a special focus on the fashion industry.

With a collection of expanding fashion brands and retailers, he has the ability to power companies via e-commerce, marketing, and technological capabilities to help nurture their fullest potential and make a profit.



Thank you for supporting our growing list of fashion brands and retailers here at Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group. For many of these businesses, it’s been an incredible journey of growth and development both on-camera on CNBC’s The Profit, or off-camera and behind-the-scenes. Some have completely rebranded, some underwent major internal changes to their infrastructure or business model, and some have evolved far beyond our expectations to set the bar even higher. With that, we continue to have one goal in mind: bringing a great product, through the best of processes, to our dedicated customers. Thanks to their success, the people within each of these organizations have come together as one family to form a group of collaborative entrepreneurial talents that help support one another in addition to new incoming prospects. We look forward to continuing to build a strong team of leaders, while elevating our level of operations, and ultimately taking each product we produce to profitability. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.

- Marcus Lemonis



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